pic: Oops.

We tortuga’d… hard. In the second finals match of AZ North. Apologies to 842 and 192!

Is there video of this? (currently looking now, I think Dr. Joe would enjoy it).

Here’s a couple similar from our matches at Los Angeles

Quals 41: https://youtu.be/genyV1Pljwc?t=51s
watch the robot starting on the left.

QF2-3: https://youtu.be/YHDG6jRnkQw?t=1m25s
we’re the blue team in the middle. Don’t quite make it over the rampart :rolleyes:

One nice feature of low bar robots is that they have a nice flat surface upon which they can lay upside down.

“No really guys, it’s a design feature.”

I’ll raise you a triple Quarterfinal Tortuga in CVR

Here’s a video of the relevant match.

This is a playlist of match video from the event.

Ah, not all low bar robots have this luxury. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/43204

Not an issue for us though, we have a very low centre of gravity through only having about 5mm of ground clearance

This picture makes me glad we decided to be able to flip our robot back on the right side when we tip over :rolleyes:

Yes, you do. When the intake arm is lowered, the top is pretty flat. Nice robot though!

Here’s a gif of ours:

We flipped again in the finals of the Arizona West Regional after being rammed by 3853, continuing our record of never losing a regional on our wheels. We hope to make it to Einstein finals before we flip again.

Sadly the turret is higher than the height of the intake arm when lowered :slight_smile: no one likes a squashed turret

are we posting gifs of robots falling over? I can do that too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm do robot’s eye view count? We had a GoPro on when we flipped.

Although I was hoping not to put the “If you can read this roll me over” sticker to use. :slight_smile: