pic: Oops

Morgan blew it up. That’s why his eyes are read in the picture.
He only passed out three times.

i guess you can abuse your compressor. Anyone test this and see how long it takes though?

somehow… it fits through our doors… i think a couple of ours are 38"… so we just need to push it through

We used two of the KOP compressors for previous years, and it still took about ten minutes to inflate the ball. I know someone with a compressor they don’t use often, but we didn’t want to drive 35 minutes there and back to inflate the trackball.

Yeah, we are in a similarly lucky situation. The main door to our shop is one of those double door type things, so we have no problem there. Most of the other doors we need to get it through are double doors, but have dividers down the middle. Handily enough, we can remove the dividers if we want to. However, we have yet to remove one of the dividers since it actually isn’t that hard to get through standard width doors. All it needs is some ‘persuasion.’

My neighbour has a compressor to inflate pool toys, so we borrowed that from him and used it to inflate ours. We had to have one of our team members with a truck bring it up to the school. Now, when we need to get it through doors, we deflate it a bit and then re-inflate it with a compressor that we have in our shop.