pic: Opening Ceremony at Philly Regional


Everybody in the stands waiting for the Philadelphia Regional Competition to offically start!

Why is the red alliance out of starting position?
EDIT: nvm, it is so they aren’t blocking the view.

Anyway, umm, good pic!

So speakers can talk without robots in the way, see here

I agree, that was an impressive shot…I have to say, that was a very loud competition (never mind the heat) and it was a honor and a privelage to work there… I’ll be back next year, and hopefully I’ll see a lot of you at Championships in 20 days 21 hours and 15 minutes (according to the chief delphi clock…granted that does countdown to midnight of the Thursday of the practice matches, but still I’m psyched!)

Due to the close quarters, acoustics, and spirited teams Philly is the loudest regional. Before they banned noisemakers (like MOE Stix), FIRST Officials took noise readings at all the competitions. Philly was by far the loudest and well over OSHA limits.

I’d agree with that… after Philly was over, I wasn’t really able to speak for a day or two. I pretty much had to scream to get anyone’s attention because it’s so loud there.

Yeah,apparently I got sick from screaming too much!

Just tell folks you were training for Championships!

Yeah,apparently I got sick from screaming too much!