pic: Operation Jellybean

Prior to the FIRST White House visit, MOE 365 was told that it was planned, but it must be kept secret, and only very select people could know. Well, because of the level of secrecy, the MOE students decided to give the secret project a name. They called it “OPERATION JELLYBEAN.” So, if we were talking about it, that is the name we used.

Andrea “Ducky” Tribo, mentor on our team, took it one step further and created this poster (from www.despair.com, I believe).

It was a fun way to maintain the secret.

One would think all the Jellybeans would be green in that picture given the circumstances…

Or… maybe Green, Red, White & Blue. In honor of the presidental visit by MOE. lol


Wow. I love the poster. I just might have to steal that idea for my future secret projects. :slight_smile:

Very creative, and very secretive. :slight_smile:

Obviously, this poster is a take-off of the motivational posters which adorn the walls of many corporate offices. Despair.com is a parody of those posters. There a number pre-made for purchase and you can also make your own.

I loved this one that Ducky made and thought it would be great to share.