pic: operator interface cad

this is a CAD of our operator interface. The holes are for cables to come up and connect in to the different ports ( tether, power, joystick 1, etc.) The flat part right below is where all the buttons go. made of 1/4" clear acrylic and chemically bonded on all joints except the back panel for easy access to all connections. weight about 4 lbs. foot print is a little bit larger than a piece of paper.

One thing you could do (that would be pretty cool) is to etch 8 on the sides and have a green cathode or some LEDs inside. Also somewhere for the serial to USB dongle to sit at.


Looks great!
I have one suggestion, though. Make it out of polycarbonate rather than acrylic. Last year, we made a nice OI box out of acrylic, and sure enough it is all busted and cracked now. We’re going to have to make a new one (polycarbonate this time)
Just a thought.
Good Luck!