pic: Orange Force--Beach Cities Robotics

Team 294’s robot a few days before shipping. It picks up from the floor, hopper loads from the PS, and tracks and shoots from the turret.

Showing the orange and blue colors!!!

We put yours and your Dad’s names on our crate. Thanks for helping with machining.

That is a VERY nice gesture, thank you very much.
See you at LA!!!

Here’s some specs for you guys…

10 motors, 12 Balls, 100" shooting range, 300 degrees of shooting, hybrid holonomic/4WD, ball pickup, PS hopper loader, camera tracking/range finding, traction control, 120.00 lbs. It shoots ~4 balls/sec.

4 CIMs: Drivetrain (back wheels canted 45 degrees)
2 FP: Shooter drums
2 BB: Up Conveyor
1 Globe: Intake and down chute
1 Globe: Turret

We’ve had a lot of fun building this robot and are quite proud of it! See everyone at the competition.