pic: Orbit Ball Cache

We have been able to find 19 orbit balls, all 3 colors, in the local Houston Walmarts. There were serveral that were broken, and the managers sold them to us for half price.

Holy Orbit ball Batman!!!:yikes:

My parents found 10 of them, but 5 are were broken and the night manager would not sell them at a discount. She said something about sending them back for store credit. I’m going to call the store manager tomorrow morning and see what can be arranged. I remember a cheer I did as a Wal-Mart employee that said, “who’s number 1? The Customer, Always! WHOOOHOOO!” I sure didn’t feel that way after getting off the phone with that store.

This picture reminded me of a email I just got from the Fembots saying they had arranged 72 some orbit balls by themselves for a week 5 practice. I would cry if I saw that stock pile.

The people at the Wal Marts around here are not very nice. They tried to charge us full price for the broken ones, and after arguing for a while, they only took off a dollar, and told us the broken ones could not be returned, when they clearly already had been.

Has any one found any on Ebay or Amazon? I looked but couldent find any.

I’ve looked on Ebay too (I’m on there often anyhow) but haven’t found any yet either. I’m sure there’s more than the two of us in FIRST that have thought of that! :wink:

I haven’t checked Amazon though or even Overstock.

Wow. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between the blue and purple in this picture. I think it’s going to be even worse at the competitions, with a possible 128 balls all on the field, rolling around…

It sure would change the strategy of the game if FIRST allowed unlimited # of empty cells to be in a Robots possession to fix this problem of differentiating the moon rocks from empty cells.

The picture does not do the colors justice.

There is a definate difference in the colors of the balls in person.

That’s TECHNICALLY (It would invoke a penalty but whatever) 136 balls that COULD be on the field.

We hate that there are so few teams in Cincinnati, but it has helped us this season, we have 30 Orbit Balls at last count and some parents are still looking for some.

i wonder how much the company making these is benifiting from FIRST…

Blip = zero profit for FIRST. They already sold the product to Wal-Mart and have made their money. Wal-Mart is the one who is making money. WM discontinued the item so they were going to be marked down soon. They now get to sell the product at full retail and won’t have to eat the mark down.

This is a great example of how hard it is to tell the difference between colors, I can’t tell the empty cells apart from the moon rocks.