pic: Orbit Ball Packaging

Found 6 at walmart nearby. The manager was confused when i bought all 6. $9.97.

we bought out our local Walmart, though we only got three.

we bought like 5-6, not sure if we bought them out or not

We bought all 14.

We found 7 at the local Walmart in Stuart for the exploding piggies… hope SPAM found some first. :slight_smile: They were surprisingly easy to find.

We only got two out of three since one seemed to of been ripped on one of the seems. :frowning:

Our team only found 2 of them at our local Walmarts.

I saw them at our local wal-mart about 10 of them for $14.97!!! I said would just a couple days.

yeah, as soon as i heard they had them at wallmart I ran over to the one nearest to here. They only had one, and it didn’t have the box on it either. I had to convince the manager that i needed it no matter what, and i finally got her to sell it to me for $10. Only now did i realize that i paid too much… Oh well.
And also, apparently the wallmart has deleted “orbit balls” from their inventory, so im guessing they aren’t getting any more. i hope thats false.

Blips website says they sell at Target. Has anybody tried their? I bought out 2 WalMarts and got a total of 5. I have all 3 colors. From the way it is sounding I guess I better find a hiding spot until we are ready to use them… E1 says they are breaking. :ahh:

I went to 2 Walmarts, a Target and a Sports Authority today. Walmart was the only place that had them. The guy at Target searched his inventory gun for about 20 minutes searching online & in-store inventory and couldn’t find anything resembling an orbit ball.

In some stores, the packaging might actually be torn, so it might be harder to find them.

anyone else notice the location mentioned on the tag on the interior of the orbit ball?

Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Actually, if I remember correctly, the place where they are manufactured is on Minnetonka Blvd in Minnetonka, MN.

Mine says “Made in China” right under “Minnetonka, MN” :rolleyes:

Oh, Blip Toys’ headquarters or something is on Minnetonka Blvd.

I just called Bliptoys.com. Walmart is currently the only store that sells the Orbit balls.

Blip does not sell retail or directly to customers. The woman that I talked to did say to check with FIRST in about 24 hours they may be announcing more information on how we may purchase more Orbit balls. She would not provide any more details than that, so stay tuned.

Does anyone out there have the UPC barcode number for the ball?


It’s shown in the first post of this thread. If you’re having trouble reading it because you didn’t view the picture at full size, the UPC-A code for the Wild Time Orbit Ball is (6)58382-82040(4).