pic: Orbit ball template

This is the template that we’ve been using for making orbit balls. The process we’ve been using is the same on that Ike describes here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=806637&postcount=9

We’ve made 30 so far.

I’m sure you can guess what color our balls are.

Where’s the sixth piece of the ball?

Do you weave that one in after the first five are together?

Oops. Found my answer in Ike’s post. We still like weaving one at a time. Unless you have about five hands weaving simultaneously can get away from you.

Extra pieces of tape help out a bunch.

We’ve had 4 hands doing it, there’s always at least 1 that will stay in place without something holding it.

Nice template! I made a ball out of paper strips today and focused on making the triangles and pentagons and it seemed easier than focusing on the over-under sequencing. But I hadn’t though about laying the strips flat first! With all this extra advice, we might just get our 100+ Rolling Thunder Rochester Rally “GUS” balls done on time!

We just tried this method! That is very cool! :slight_smile:

How many balls are you making? Are you hosting a pre-ship rally as well?

We’ve made about 60 now, and are giving half to local teams. We have more spandex but are out of lexan now (I think we didn’t account for the kerf when figuring out how much lexan to buy).

awesome…now to find the right material to make it with…hmmm:confused: