pic: Orbit Head

Israel FTA - He wanted to be called SuperCell - I preferred Orbit Head …

The fact that he didn’t find himself in a trailer for 15 points is a miracle…

Now i only want next year’s game object to be shaped like an afro…see him deal with that!

you gotta respect a man with that much frist spirit last year he did the first logo on his head

Needs a few rivets for repairs … ouch.

Very cool.

This is one of the reasons I’ve always wished I had short hair- I could do whatever I wanted to it for the competition season and it could transition back to normal fast enough that the rest of the world wouldn’t notice. Somehow, I think if I dyed my hair blue or shaved it all off so I could paint my head, I think that I would still get a lot of funny stares from the rest of the world, even after I explained that it was in the spirit of FIRST.