pic: OrbitBalls, Go!!!


This is what I’m doing instead of studying about Root Locus

Ahhh… Orbit Balls, the rarest of the Pokemon, found only in a few select WalMarts in just one nation on the planet.

Right… I should really get back to work, too.


haha very nice!
Alicia Albrecht
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haha great one :stuck_out_tongue:

So, True!!!

The sad thing? I used to dabble in creating fake cards along these lines. (The font they used, as I recall, is Humanist 521.)

And yet, still so true.

hahahaha very funny found only a few of those cards in my walmarts

Nice pokemon, where do i get one?

Go to a Walmart with a master ball and hope for the Best


what season are they on now, like the 20th?

i stopped watching a loooong time ago:P

Idk, I can still name like 400 of 'em

what happened to there only being 250 of them:confused:

250? what happened to 150?

I believe there are 493 as of the latest game. This new one is very hard to catch.

But But I used my masterball on last years track balls. No fair!:stuck_out_tongue: