pic: Orbitz ball modeled in ProE

I modeled this in ProE - just to see if I could. It’s an assembly of 6 straps. The straps are a rough pentagon shape with rounded corners. I don’t have one in front of me, so the dimensions are very approximate.

I was just wondering: you have 6 straps. what diameter were they?
(porting similar item to my own personal “CAD” program)

According to the manual, the straps are 1 inch wide and form a 9 inch diameter sphere.

The straps do not have a “diameter” They are pentagons with big rounds on the corners. Using a round strap would have interference between straps. When you use the pentagon, assemble the straps so that the point of one crosses the flat of another one.

as usual the manual seems to oversize the game pieces. I put the size at 8.5" diameter based on my sizing.