pic: Oregon Regional Alliance 8, 1983, 2046

At the Autodesk Oregon Regional, Teams: 8 (Vikings), 1983 (Skunkworks) and 2046 (Bear Metal) formed to create a solid alliance. We excelled in the Quarterfinals after a time-out of nervous apprehension. Thanks to 8 and 2046 for a memorable show. Skunks will be glad to see Bear Metal in Seattle and have no doubt that 8 can pull together at SVR for an atlanta qualification! Good luck to all, it’s been an amazing season so far, thanks for making it happen.

The 4th quarter-final match was so much fun to watch – the teamwork and balanced scoring were amazing.

And in the semi-finals, we were >||< this close.

Thanks to the Vikings and the Skunks for choosing us as the 3rd alliance member. We’d play with you guys anytime/anywhere.

I was watching it via web cast and your alliance was really well selected. You guys put on a good show every match. Great job guys you all have really good robots. I cant wait to see team 8 at SVR.