pic: Orlando Science Center Robotics Day

Saturday 3/26/05 was Robotics Day at the Orlando Science Center. teams 1604 Harmony High School and 1543 Poinciana High School spent the day demonstrating their robots in front of crowds at the front of the museum. Both teams set up a booth with pictures, and 1604 also had an LCD projector playing the matches from the UCF Regional.

Once again Barry, you guys proved us how hard you work for the team. First starting off a team and now doing demonstration everywhere. It amazes me to see how energetic you are and how much work you put into this. FIRST definitely needs more students like you.

… this is very cool to see Rookies showing the spirit of FIRST in the community. Congratulation to team 1604 (Rookie Inspiration Award winner at Florida Regional) and to team 1543 for doing a great job at the regional and the community. Never hesitate to ask for help if you need any. :slight_smile:

aww thats looks like it was fun! i wanted to go… but i was in Denver at the time. although Barry, i do agree with Arefin. you put your entire heart and soul into your team… thats very admirable. :slight_smile:

may i ask what match/what webcast is showing in the background? just curious :slight_smile:

According to the picture explination, it is video from UCF.

Also demos are a ton of fun, especially when you have a lot of kids there. We did one along with 3 or 4 other teams in Springfield Mass a couple of days after ship, and because it was vacation there were a ton of kids, and the looks of awe on their faces just make the entire expierence worth while to me.

It’s really alot of fun to do demos for all ages and groups of people. I have been with my team when we showed off our bot from the '03 game to the special olympics down in our area. It was fun to see how much enthusiasm was in the air about robotics at that given time. We also did space week with both our '03 and '04 bots and to see the knowledge that those kids had about the space department and areas of the likes was really astounding. It’s great to demo your bot, and more importantly to be able to talk about GP and the morals of FIRST to other people that have the enthusiam and the possibility of one day filling your shoes where you were once standing. I say watching someone that you showed off to at a side event like that in your place in a couple years is the best gift from FIRST, inspiration to others.

Thank you both for your kind words. Sorry for the delayed reply, I have been in Houston at the Lone Star Regional. It was awesome. I would like to announce our next big demo will be at the Harmony Dark Sky Festival and we are inviting all teams to come that can make it. I have posted more information about the Dark Sky Festival here

The video playing in the background is one downloaded off of SOAP (Thanks SOAP!). We played many of our matches and the video I made that paralleled our Chairman’s essay. We mostly showed matches 12, 57, and 63. I believe that one in the picture is match 63.

I believe demos are an important part of FIRST. Teams should strive to get their name out and get an entire community involved. This is just one more way of showing FIRST is not about the robots, but the people around them including the ones that look up at them with their mouths hanging open.

yay for buddy barry and his team!
arefin is right you do so much and i am so happy that you do all these cool things. great job for you and your team no wonder why @ ucf they gave you guys the rookie insipiration award. congrads again on that. and go 1543 of course!
looks and i’ve heard you all had fun :slight_smile:
keep making a difference out there everyone…slowly but surely everyone will catch onto FIRST and then the world will be a better place :slight_smile: