pic: O'Sancheski WAI

New team, new WAI. This is James Temple (AcesJames) and I supporting Tube skirts at Where’s Wolcott.

From left to right:

Scooper, Jimmy Forehead, and Latin Magic

This made me laugh so much Victor.

My work here is done. :cool:

Says who?

I cant wait until you call Joe from the back of a van with a ‘great deal for’ him. :slight_smile:

Says V_Chip (3rd person because I’m that awesome).

No deal. :mad:

Job = Done

viktor, i was gonna stop by your house today because i was test driving a car and i was gonna tell you to check it out for me :stuck_out_tongue: (: just thought you should know.

I don’t see how this pertains to tube skirts and the one and only Latin Magic. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’ll bite. Text me the specs.

well its just easier than texting you! and 99 accord i think? ill tell you tomorrow. but be prepaired for me stopping by your house one day with a random car in tow…

im loving how this just turned into a chat off a picture that includes latin flavor and scoop