pic: Other Angle of Cannon Prototype

Just another angle…

so what motors are you gusy using to run those wheels that will shoot the ball?

looks very familiar… reminds me of our 2006 cannon (a.k.a. the PooPoo Cannon, since it used to be a sewer pipe :D)

are those last years AM wheels? How far could u shoot the balls if u really wanted

You can see 1 CIM motor for each side in this picture. They appear to be direct driving the wheels through an Andymark hub (if I remember the CIM shaft size right it would have to be a 1/4" bore hub with the bore widened to 8mm and a 2mm broached keyway).

hm that should be intresting considering you might need 4 motors to drive. Now if you say have 2 wheels driving good, use 2 fisher price motors to run ur belts, and then use 2 cim motors to shoot… That would work

have you tried shooting your cannon with some broken balls, which will inevitably end up in your cannon. if not will the broken balls either not shoot out accurately, or will they jam your system.

we’ve gotten 16ft with it…but it is an unaccurate prototype, there will be a lot of changes…it got about 30% of balls in, and we are planning on a lot more than that… i’m not sure of the motors b/c im on programming

Has it ever jammed on you guys? The only thing that i’ve been afraid of this year with a shooter is that one ball will get stuck and everything will get jammed and broke. I didn’t know if it happened and what happened when it did get stuck?

no, we have had no problems so far with it, accept of course it isn’t accurate enough yet. We feed the balls one at a time and it gets them out fast. There is not enough space for a ball and a half to get entangled right now :smiley:

lol, u’ll have to hook us up with an update when/if it happens :stuck_out_tongue:

of course…lol :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll be waitin… till then we’ll go on our seperate ways and hope ours doesn’t jam, lol

Accuracy will definitely be important as I have yet to read on CD how teams plan to consistently score in the trailer, from relatively far distances.

I think shooting at the target in '06 from 20 ft++ is much easier than the trailers this year for targets 10 ft and beyond.
My $.02.

I agree, thatz why a camera and lazy susan will come in handy this year. :smiley:

very true…i think that if its not accurate then the game is shot…otherwise of course relying on the human shooters but thats not true robotics…!

our team had the idea of using a chimney pipe for a ball moving style thingy, have you had any problems with balls moving through that?

I don’t think we’ve tried a chimmy pipe… but this is just the prototype, we’re aiming for something much less heavy thats for sure. There’s alot of othyer ways to make a shooter thing but this one seems to work for us. You just have to fool around with different materials. I didn’t build the cannon though, I just hooked up the motor to the battery… so I can’t tell many specifics.

Doesn’t look too bad

thanks :slight_smile: