pic: Other Swerve Drive I designed while being bored

This is another 6WD Swerve robot I designed. This one uses the same modules as our current 4WD swerve robot.

I see you don’t like your welder, why so many frame members?

Also that steering chainpath looks familiar,

Beautiful model, though may I dare utter the acronym KISS.

What are the advantages to 6 wheel swerve?

How else could you justify that much chain :wink:

Who said you need justification for chain?

Nice design, though. My only qualm is that it looks a little heavy; you probably don’t need that much aluminum for it to work.

It looks like every piece of AL is needed, keep in mind that you have 6 modules and you need support for each and every one of them. Here you need a frame, 6 module mounts, 6 modules, transmission mounting, and sprocket and chain hardware. Swerves are heavy by nature, so in comparison to a regular swerve this one will be about 50% more heavy than a 4wheel swerve.

p.s. to the OP, great job I like how this one can shift! I have also seen the 4wheel version of this baby and it look great! keep up the good work.

A 6WD swerve will handle similarly to a 6WD skid steer when all wheels are straight while still retaining the mobility of a swerve drive. It’s a mechanical solution to a complex controls problem (turning) and has it’s advantages in some cases.

How heavy is this design?

Thanks for the compliments.

With Battery and electronics this model weighs 70.5 lbs. This picture makes it look as if it has a lot more frame members than it really does. The frame itself weighs 7 lbs and is made of welded 1x1x1/16" Aluminum tube. All of the other parts including the modules are bolt on.

We already had these modules machined (they are the same as our 4 wheel swerve) which is why I used them in this model.

1/16th? to hold up that whole thing? I know of weight reasons why you would use 1/16th but isn’t this system taking allot of stress? I wouldn’t even use 1/16th on a simple 6wd… just my opinion.