pic: Otto IV 2007

This is team 611’s robot for the 2007 season, Otto IV.

Looks great! How’s the ramp constructed?

the ramp is made out of bent aluminum sign blank and a whole lot of pop rivets. It doesn’t take being point loaded too well but if the weight is distributed (like a robot) it can hold quite a bit.

Wow! That looks awesome! I love the curved ramp… gives it a finished feel. well done!

So what are the various specs on this beast?

haha thanks. we tried to keep it fairly simple this year. Our ramp extends out and gives us enough room to park two robots on it at about 6". The ramp isn’t steep at all and we figured it would be easier to get up a curved ramp. It also has sand underneath the paint in order to give some extra traction.

Our arm can reach for the middle and bottom rows of the rack and is able to pick a tube up whether it is laying on the floor or sitting upright.

it’s a six wheel drive system with four omniwheels, one on each corner.

It weighs in at 107 lbs and is 4 ft tall exactly.

I hope I’m not the only one who see this but it reminds me of the GI Joe bridge layer toy from the mid 80’s.