Ok, here is a full size picture of our robot. It is almost finished. We just have a few things to add. And our weight, for all you who want to know, is about 106 w/battery. Enjoy.

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P.S. Post feedback.




looks awsome. But i liek ur Photochop better

sweet looking robot u got there. nice job. i hope u guys do well in the competitions! :smiley:

Is that tape I see around some of the pnuematic lines? As you may know tape is not legal on FIRST robots. If you were already planning on replacing it with something else, please disregard this. Otherwise…NICE JOB! It looks pretty good and you still have a week left before ship!

nice bot…gl in the competetions…which competetion(s) r u goin to?

We will be competing in Portland OR March 10-13.

SGS Dragons

Great job guys, the bot looks awesome! Good luck to you in any/all competitions in which you may be competing!

Looks good, thanks for posting the photo.

Do you have a protective cover to go over the electronics? A piece of 1/8" Lexan (polycarbonate) could provide a lot of protection from falling tetras or tipping robots.


We have jsut finished re-building our robot from the ground up almost. We have protective skirts around the outside and we are going to be putting a clear cover over the top. I wil post pics as soon as I can.

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How high can that puppy get a tetra?

The tip of our bazooka tubes(the plastic tubes) are about 11 feet. But we can lift the tetra about 9 1/2 feet or so.

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Just a question, r u guys using multi-positioning with those pistons or not?

The robot looks sweet, it will be a sight to see.

nice job guys, but do you have enough pneumatic power to use that arm a decent amount?

Yes, we have a multi-positioning arms. We have a REALLY nice selonoid valve set up and we have extreamly good control of our arm. And yes, we also have a good amount of pneumatic power. Our compresser runs almost the whole time, but we havn’t had any problems.

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