pic: Our Animator

Roushey, after winning the Autodesk Visualization Award. He earned this one, again.

I really love this picture. It says a lot about the competition…and it should go on a brochure somewhere.

I know, this isn’t really an important post, but I just wanted to thank whomever posted this pic, I love it!

that would be jason rees the lead teacher for 340 he is on the boards as rees2001

I was also wondering if 340 was going to make their animation available so we could all see it

I’ll have to ask if we can post the animation on our website. Mike did a fantastic job. Last year when he won, we didn’t have a sponsor, so he got to keep the second trophy. I felt that we didn’t really deserve to go through the line to get the trophy, but since we did, we had to give Mike special “ups”!

And thanks to Mike from 191 for capturing the moment.

We have again let Mike keep one copy of the award. He earned it. The number of hours he spent working on this. It was great to see the team rally around him. We all know how hard he worked on it. Next year I’m going to have him mentor a new member to keep the tradition alive.

The other thing I love about this picture - how many mentors can you count?