pic: Our Back-To-School-Night Welcome


September 1, 2010 was the night of our annual Back-To-School-Night. It is an opportunity for the team to put out the welcome mat and invite potential members and their families into our shop area for a visit and to enjoy looking around and learn about the team. This was our welcome sign. :slight_smile:

The team has learned that the week of Back-To-School-Night can prove productive and beneficial in recruiting new student members. During this week, veteran members of the team visited over 19 freshman and sophomore classes and gave each a 5 minute presentation about the team and the programs that we are involved in.

This year we have 3 very enthusiastic and talented student leaders who are helping the team focus on recruitment, consistency, and sustainability over the long term. It is an exciting time as we begin to prepare for our BEST Kick-Off and for FTC. We have a new mentor, Mr. Carl Seagren, who has joined us to work with our new FTC team and we are very excited about that.

The blackboard sign seems to ‘just happen’ each year and I get a kick out of the fun that can be had with chalk. You may notice a little cat in the sign.


I hope your recruiting goes as well as ours. After last year’s successes in FIRST and Vex we seem to be having a better than average recruiting year so far. :slight_smile:

It has worked well in the past for our team. This year there is a renewed interest in working in this area which is most excellent.

Hope you have another awesome year, GUS!