pic: Our Banebots arrived a few days ago....

I’d like to see ours come in today.

Also, nice SolidWorks-based print.


All I see are planetary parts. Those are all P60s, right? No CIM-ulators?

So, that is why banebots is out of transmissions. :slight_smile:

Sorry, p60s only.

They’re all being put to use though; none wasted.

you ordered them ungreased?

You can’t order them any other way…

We’re also modifying the output shafts and faceplates.

I’m pretty sure all BaneBots gearboxes are purposely shipped ungreased to avoid any complications from environmental laws, like having to explain to the EPA where the contents of 55 gallon drums of grease went.

We have ordered Banebots for 4 years now. Every time we have ordered them we have gone for the greased option. We requested the greased option again this time. I’ll let you know if that changes when our order arrives…

Were those the older made in China models? None of the current ones I see have an option for coming pre-greased, and most pages have a disclaimer at the bottom saying that the gearboxes are shipped ungreased and need to be taken apart and greased before use.

We are talking about the P80’s right? Even now I can get them greased.

P60’s Sir.