pic: Our Big Drill Press

Someone was asking about our drill press, so I thought id share a good picture of it.

More specifically called a Radial Arm Drill :stuck_out_tongue:

Or the more technical term, Overkill. :wink:

When you have time, figure out the kWHr per hole. Kinda like the gallons/mile computations for ocean liners.

I prefer the term adequate

Lets assume it takes 30 seconds to drill the average hole, and that we use the machine to 25% of its available power.

The motor is rated at 600V 15A
That’s 9kw
25% of 9kw is 2.25kw
30 seconds is approximately 0.00833 of an hour.
2.25kw * 0.00833 = 0.0187425 kWHr per hole or ~18.75 watt hours per hole.

by that math 3 holes uses the same amount of power as it takes to run an 60w lightbulb for a hour.

  • Adam

You should change that 60w bulb to a FIRST e-watt LED. :wink: :smiley: