pic: Our CAD monkey's hard at work.

You can totally tell that they are working hard.

I promise that the rest of our team isn’t that bad at grammar… What he MEANT was “Our CAD monkeys hard at work.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so we got MLIA and texting. Sounds like me while I’m CADing. Except I have facebook up too. :smiley:

I’m still trying to figure out why the monitors… Lol. Nice computers though! :smiley:

What back room are those poor kids stuffed in!!!??

Today, I was caught reading MLIA instead of CADing an important robot part. Someone took a picture, put it on ChiefDelphi, and I didn’t get in trouble for it. MLIA

Just curious is this how everyone else’s CAD team is too? I thought we had the only lazy ones.

I don’t think it’s everyone else… My teams CAD team is, well, me. And I do CAD for fun… So I can spit stuff out rather fast. :smiley:

It’s just on the two teams I’ve been on it’s the same story, about four to six people, depending on who wants to show up, and their all messing around except for one diligent worker.

More of my last team than this one, but it still happens more than it should

Sounds like my build team. Ahahah!!!

Emphasis on your

Considering that CAD is one of, if not the most, important parts of the design, its safe to say that the teams who end up knowing what they’re doing have the CAD kids working very diligently very early in the season well into the final weeks. We have 5 or so experienced upperclassmen leading CAD and mech. design this year with a group of 10 very impressive and dedicated freshmen and sophomores.

Its a good idea to learn to tame CAD monkeys. They’re very useful.

our CAD team consists of a a junior, a sophmore and a freshman and one mentor teaching us. and he happens to be my older brother. so we get very little done usually. but there are some days when we know we need to get something done and finish it.

It’s exactly not a back room; it’s a small nook that is in the room of our teacher’s classroom. lol

A bunch of us work on CAD a little. And there are a couple of students who enjoy animating the said CADs!!! I can’t say that they are lazy, they are normally the first to arrive (after me that is:rolleyes:) and the last to leave.

Yeah that is usually how things go. Just they were waiting for dimensions and and final designs at the time so why not waste time properly with some amusements.