pic: Our Championship Viewing Setup

Thank you Madstream!

Not bad… I’ve got my laptop tied in to a 55" screen in my living room. I had all four fields up in VLC windows (except for Archimedes, which seemed to have some streaming problems this morning). With a wireless keyboard/touchpad I can kick the La-z-boy back and sip on my coffee and flip from match to match.

Now I’ve switched over to the higher definition NASA TV feed for Einstein.

Video streaming sure has come a long way in the last ten years. It is almost better than being there…



Had this setup earlier during week 1 for a robotics party.

WHAT??? You had the screens the wrong way around! Regionals on the big screen, Halo on the laptops during field down times. :stuck_out_tongue:


The NASA TV feed is at


and it is also on the NASA TV cable/satellite channel if you get that.

I almost like watching MadStream better than being there. When you can watch all 4 fields at once on a 46" HD TV and then surf on your laptop during down time, that hard to beat.

Pretty cool setup! Its always fun to have a robotics party with some type of game, food and watching the regional. It would be cool if regionals would show the other regionals going on during that week. I never heard of MadStream before I watch the final off the The Red Alliance website.