pic: Our control board...

This is our control board… yeah

Nice joystick. It may be a good idea to label the buttons. Just so that if someone else controls the robot or you let someone demo it they know what they do. Just an idea. The whole board looks very nice though.

Surely. We will label it =)
Just wait…We are still programming it, so we aren’t sure which place goes which function =P

I like the dashboard selector switch. We use one too. It’s very handy.

What is that, twelve separate buttons on the joystick, not counting the hat? Impressive.

I’m curious…what does the dashboard selector switch do?

After looking at your pictures of the control board, I noticed for the first time the three pin connector next to the dashboard port (set default on my controller with a jumper on it.) What is the function of this connection, and what will a switch do when attached to it?

Sweet design guys! It looks very James Bond-ish lol ;P…only if our electrical team can design such a lovely control panel.
For the labelling, it’d be cool if you made it seen only when a light it turned on…kind of like it is ‘floating’ like that Sony MP3 player =D

Good Luck with whatever you have left!

Love the buttons. Looks like an arcade pad :smiley: