pic: Our creation

Yummy I almost bet thats not all of them.

nope we had more after that

Ahhh. No one can go through a FIRST robotics season without their team consuming AT LEAST one crave case. hahaha.

Man. Those were the days! :slight_smile:

whats a crave case?

Sacrilege! You might as well ask, “What’s a Krispy Kreme?” :eek:

A crave case is a box stuffed full of a small hoard of these inedible lumps of “hamburgers”. :yikes:

Oh, to be young and able to eat most anything…

o ok i have never herd of them so i guess there not on the west coast

Crave cases come from the fast food chain White Castle. I’m not positive, but I think most of the restaurants are located in the midwest, so that might be why you haven’t heard of them.

o ok

Midwest metropolitan areas… like Chicago. I think they are on the East coast, also. Thankfully, they aren’t in the Quad Cities Metro area. However, a local radio show does fly some in once a year from Chicago for adorning fans. YUCK!

Pyramids of gears… Pyramids of boxes… are you working for woody flowers? is this some kind of game hint? sign of an attack from another planet? i’m out of things it could be? :yikes:


Probably recovering from Stack Attack–now where’s the Vex robot to knock the stack down?:rolleyes: