pic: Our Drive Wheels

we are planing on using one of these on each side in the front of our bot and omni’s in the back.

Our team dubled the wheels in '06. While Our drive train sucked that year, it had nothing to do with the wheels. Just be sure it is alligned right or the chain will rub against one wheel eventually breaking it, a problem we encountered.

I hate to bring up the surface area/pushing force argument again in this thread, but wouldn’t this design essentially just be adding unnecessary weight to your robot with a minimal if any increase in pushing force?

I don’t think adding the second wheel will help your traction very much at all. If you want traction your going to have to go with traction treads.

It will help with slippage. We may be doing something similar. Using the standard weight distribution and coefficient of friction to find traction does not always hold true with rubber. Especially a material as soft as the AM kit wheel tread.

We are also thinking of attaching some traction tread to it. any ideas to how?

Generally, you duel wheels to increase load capacity. It might help with “slippage” some, but I don’t recall too many race cars with dualies.

We did this exact thing last year except the sprocket was on the side. We glued and wired a FAT kevlar bicycle tire over the silicone. worked out very well. Only one failed (came unglued) and a couple of zip ties worked until between matches when we could replace it. And that was in October at River Rage in Manchvegas, NH.