pic: Our Electrical Panel

This is our 2007 electrical panel which was designed by one of our mentors along with his daughter and another student. They did a great job and were able to continually take weight off of it and move things around to accommodate our drive system.

Nice and neat plus it is a small footprint.
We’ve made attempts to get tidy with our electronics in the last three years and things usually look good until we start adding the pwm wires. Then things get to looking like a nest.

Do you have a picture of what this looked like on the robot with PWM wires attached?

Can anybody post some ideas of how to deal with pwm wires?



this year we needed a really long pwm cable to go to our camera, so we spliced one and used ethernet cable.

nice wiring job! victors much? :stuck_out_tongue: ours looked somewhat like that in the early stages, until we changed the format and addes spikes

Thats what we did, we also ordered everything to make our own pmw cables. Custom lengths rock.