pic: our FIRST recognition

finally team 138 gets a news article about them.

“Woooww” - Ben Stein

i love seeing FIRST teams getting recognized in the media :slight_smile:

i love how the article recongnises teams from New Hampshire, Maine, Conneticut, Massachusets, and Canada… BUT NOT RHODE ISLAND!!! =P a team from RI won the rookie all-star award, and we made it to the semi-finals… BAH =P

Calm down lol- this is merely a local paper. The Manchester paper had a nice headline directed at team 501 which i’ll scan later, but its a bit controversial among FIRST Circles. why? here’s the title of the article on 501:

“Spying pays off”

BTW- I’m the one with the buzz cut in the pic :cool:

The Republican-American had an excellent half page article on team 716 Who’s Cteks for being one of the winners of UTC. It was on March 23 in the “Litchfield County” section.

P.S. Tom I just started cracking up when I saw your “Shaw 3” aka! :smiley:

Woo that’s really cool! Our team was featured on the front page of the Anderson Independent (our biggest local newspaper). We were also on the news because of the Upstate Scrimmage. Midia coverage is fun. :smiley: Lol.