pic: Our Ghetto Testing

testing speed for our belting with using a cim to vic from last years bot

haha it’s cuz we’re kool like that. Do the pipes even have enough grip?

That’s a pretty funny-looking setup- I love when old robots are hooked to new prototypes and you get all sorts of odd chimeras that could half play one game and half another. Did you end up getting it to work?

As funny as this might seem, this will help you find a lot of unperceived problems that you can correct in design alterations. Doing things like this now will save you lots of time towards the end of build or on a Thursday at a regional.

Absolutely, I swear that was our actual plan ;). But yes James it does have enough we just used the controller board to control the output of power the CIM motor was giving and it worked rather well.

oh, k that’s good.

So what was your method for cutting and sealing your belts together? lighter, heat gun? I’m guessing it’s poly cord, right? and do you have the belts under much tension, or are they just wrapped around?

Looks like a good start though. Good luck.