pic: Our High Score in Catalyst 2012


This is our high score in a 3-0 match on the new simulator!

We hope that teams are enjoying our game!


I’m confused as to how you got 30 balance points? Per rule G40, a balanced alliance bridge can score either 10, 20 or (in elims only) 40 points

They got 20 for 2 robots on the blue bridge and 10 points robot on the middle bridge

You can’t get match points on the Coopertition bridge, G40 states that only Balanced Alliance Bridges score match points, and either 10, 20, or 40; not 30…

I understand that but that is really the only way they could score 30 points, they obviously have to go in and fix their program.

I know its called the “coopertition” bridge but I’m still going to call it the middle bridge for 2 reasons.

  1. Its faster to type middle than coopertition
  2. outsiders think you don’t know how to speak when you say “coopertition” because its not a real word to the vast majority of society. Also when you explain the game to someone and say “coopertition” bridge you are going to immediately follow that up with its the middle bridge because people are going to ask you which bridge that is or give you a blank look so you know they have no idea what you are talking about.

I am not on a team but want to be able to download the program. Why do you require me to be part of a team?

Even as a team member I apparently need the Team Contact to authorize use of the game.

because it is kinda like labview and autodesk… only there is no way for non-teams to buy it.

If you look at my signature you’ll understand why I’m not officially on a team. I’m more of a free consultant, working through FIRST, for any team in DC.

Where on usfirst.org did you find the game simulator? I would love to start messing around with it. Can you please provide a link

NM. I see the link at the end of the fist post now. Didn’t realize it was for this simulator at first

It should work for the team’s alternate contact as well. I was able to download and play it as the alternate contact.

If you check out the Catalyst question thread they have a rep. there that says due to some legal issues they can only release one copy.

Just to clarify, as far as I know there is no technical requirement Labview or Autodesk products that you are affiliated with a FIRST or FRC Team. I’m sure there are legal issues to an extent but nothing in the software itself prevents anyone from using it.

The only information we check against TIMS is the team number, city, and state. The other information (first name, last name, email, etc) is just for our book keeping in case we need to contact them for some reason.

Thanks for correcting us on this. We had some miscommunication on this rule with FIRST during the development of the game. You can expect for this to be fixed in a Catalyst update soon.

I am an employee of Diamond Bullet Studios.

That is amazing.

As long as it’s “legal”, I am very willing to supply the username and password for Team 461 for everyone here to use.
Someone please let me know if this is legal or illegal before i proceed.

only one person may login to an account at a time… so, unless you want to never have a chance to login, no.

So from your phrasing teams can download this game many times as long as they used a different first name and email and all that stuff or is it limited to 1 per team?

Each team can only create one account even if they try to use different team member’s name and email. Using that single account, teams can install the game on as many computers as they would like, but only one computer can log into the game at a time.

ok thanks for the clarification!

Were you a part of making this game?
If so, why did you mess with the whole login thing?
Also, Eric, you do have the ability to play as a guest in the simulation so I don’t think that part matters.
EDIT: To clarify, you only need the team login to download the .exe
After that, you can play as a guest.
Also, i don’t understand why when doing a 1 v 1 on a keyboard, you can only have bots without roller or shooters. Kind of pointless if you ask me.