pic: Our Little Traveler

Here he is… he rode on our crate all the way from Ypsilanti, to Chicago, down to Houston, and back to Rochester. He looks tired, doesn’t he? He’s had a long trip.

heh heh heh, very nice Feds :slight_smile:

You know you love the fuzzy :slight_smile:

Yeah, we do! We got a whole box from you guys… our freshman appropriated them and is giving them to us as graduation presents, now…

Anyways, to tell the story of our friend the fuzzy, it all started in Great Lakes. We’d just received the box of fuzzies from 470, and someone decided it would be funny to put one on our crate. Just as he did, I said “Wouldn’t it be funny if it made it all the way to Chicago?” So, when we got there, we immediately checked for the fuzzy, and sure enough, it was still there. When we were packing up in Chicago, I once again remarked that it would be very funny if it was still there in Houston. Sure enough, it was, and in very good condition. Today, when I finally got to see our crate, a month after it came back, the fuzzy was still there, so I decided to make a photo shoot of it. I was pretty sure 470 would appreciate it… I know we did…

Here are a few more pictures of our little friend:

And a high-res version of the above pic:

How did you get ahold of a full box of them… probably from Abi :stuck_out_tongue:

And what’s up with the eyes… looks like the fuzzy got twisted. He’s lookin’ off to the side, but his feet are straight. :eek:

How did you get ahold of a full box of them… probably from Abi :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup! Well kind of. It was a thank you present for giving up their share of the UAW money to the other Visteon teams. Thank again FEDS!!!