pic: Our Machinists hard at work (with one posing) :)

Holy cow thats quite the shop.

sure is a nice shop!. our shop is mostly woodworking, and some metal working. all hand operated.

dang, is this your team’s personal shop, or a sponsor’s?

Thats a very nice shop. The most precise machine we have is a table saw.

This is actually the shop at Cuyahoga Community College, wish it was a personal one though :slight_smile:

Why is the floor so clean?!?! :wink:

Looks a lot like the machine shop I use at UMichigan (it’s one of many there, of course)

Community college’s are amazing; check frc294 in tags to check the shop they share with 330, 2150 and various other teams.

I’ll put up a picture of the whole shop if I get a chance, but point being to agree with Adam… community college shops are some of the best to get into for FIRST season.:slight_smile:

Um, all shops should always be clean - anything else is unprofessional and invites accidents.