pic: Our New T-Shirt Design!!!


Check out this years team t-shirt design. What do you think? Let us know.


That Is Hott! i so want a medium

that is very cool. What software did you use? I like the white outline around each emoticon.

The T-shirt company has a graphic artist that does the artwork for you. Check them out at www.metropolisgraphics.com They are great!!

man that’s totally cool. you should go out and find viking, leprochaun, pirate and cowboy hats to match.

Yes!! The drivers, human player, and coach could all be dressed to match the shirts!

I love the shirts :smiley:

That’s awesome! I like the Irishman smiley the best. Luck 'o the Irish!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

the viking is angry because his hat doesn’t fit him… :stuck_out_tongue:

I also just noticed they’re symmetrical.
The first and last are angry, the 2nd and 4th are happy, and the middle one is surprised, and also hatless…
Very subtle. Very cool.

alls i can say is, I dig it. They rock, simple as that.

I would think that the best way to play the hats is to do a different smiley (and thus hat theme, and pit theme if you have the time/money) at each competition you go to.

wow!! i love it soo much–it’s really great you guys-- everyone will be looking good!! :slight_smile:

Pimpin’ ain’t easy, but 1083 sure does a good job at it. Even if their paper-maché mascots get cracked by incapacitated college students, they’re still pimpin’.

Ya dude sweet shirts, glad i am a part of 1083 now :slight_smile: <----emoticon

thats right i have to make you guys a new paper machete head.

We are going to have a “head” for each of the emoticons on the shirt; this time they are going to be made out of fiberglass to Tytus can’t break them as easily.

He He

Nathan Pell

hahah clumsy tytus :stuck_out_tongue:

Those shirts are hot, I can’t wait to get mine

If you are attending a regional the weekend of St. Patrick’s day, you should make a limited edition with just the smiley with the green hat on.

Just a suggestion.

Looks cool…

i do fiberglass

Wow, guys, that’s really awesome! Can’t wait to see it in competition. Annnd, since I didn’t get one last year, can I FINALLY get one this year ;)?

Beautiful job on the shirts! I love the Irish smiley. It’s cute… Again, great job! Can’t wait to see them at competition time. :slight_smile: