pic: Our Pro-E computer Quad screens

1771 decided to beef up their CADing computers this year…

One of our mentors brought in his “laptop” and hooked it up to 4 screens, for some serious ProE work. (And Dead Space)

Hah, this was amazing.

4 monitors + a projector = awesome gaming, err, CADing!

The 50 pounds of hardware was SO worth it.

Laptops are for wimps. REAL men carry their entire case around! :stuck_out_tongue:

I spy an Antec 1200 :P. <3 I has one just like it. It’s so pretty and cool with the six fans AND the blue LEDs.:cool:

When you say “cool”, you mean COOL!

I believe the amount of fans he had in there, made it move ~600CFM of air…

He has his i7 overclocked, and his GTX460 overclocked. :stuck_out_tongue:

ya its my computer my account was logged in when it was posted by a team member but i have dual gtx 460s overclocked with my i7 running at 3.8 ghz
its a beast

Why Pro E may i ask? I am slightly biased having been an Autodesk intern but i would much rather use SolidWorks or Inventor… Is there a reason you use Pro E? I’m just curious as to the advantages.

…counts the times he hasnt brought in his hexacore dual 5870 beast pc for game …err CADing

too many times to count (team does not let me).

i wish we had a rig like that, our best is 3.4 gigahertz core 2 duo with 6 gigs ram and a single lonely 256 megabyte card, it crashes quite a bit

I have a big case like that…used it for a ton of video editting last year. now im lugging around a blade server for scouting

Very nice, I use inventor on my 2.4ghz macbook pro but I am looking at building something overpowered by my second year of college.

Way to not even have Pro-E up, just some Steam related window

This summer I built a 16 (yes you read that right Sixteen) Core (2ghz per core) 8GB of ram workstation for my sister for architecture rendering and designing, she incidentally switched to civil engineering but I am sure it will still get some use. RAM was expensive at the time otherwise it would probably have 16GB of ram as well.

I am still working on rationalizing this thing http://www.evga.com/products/moreinfo.asp?pn=270-WS-W555-A1

Dual Socket LGA1366 Xeon board that supports overclocking.

Haha, this picture was actually taken right upon startup of the computer, and Steam complained about no internet access.

Of course, ProE was put to use several minutes later. (Of course, playing Dead Space during the lunch break was fun too! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Let me save you the trouble: DON’T BOTHER.

Read up on the new second-gen Core I-series procs (codename: Sandy Bridge, Socket 1155. These won’t fit in the old Socket 1156 boards.). The new top line Core I7 blows the old $1000 Core I7 Extreme clean out to orbit. After throwing it off of a cliff. Twice. And may I point out that Intel has a listed MSRP on the new Core I7 of only about $300?