pic: Our robot at JPL

I think that that was superior driving skills at jpl on sunday, considering that 2 girls without experience were driving!

was this a demo type of deal or a competition cuz i noticed there wasn’t a field barrier or much of a drivers station ?

thats pretty awesome that a couple of new drivers were able to handle and cap 4 tetras =) it gives the team a good chance to train new drivers w/o having to worry about the heat of the game

JPL was just a demo. It was a great time! I got a chance to co-drive, and I gained a new appreciation for both of our regular co-drivers. It was great to see these robots again. We may have also found another sponsor, which is always a plus. A special thanks goes to Wendy Wooten for organizing this, again.

Wendy Wooten for president!

lol, thank you…we were actually horrible drivers…it was a demo, to tell people about first and how hott it is…i didn’t put up the picture where we dropped tetras on the audience on accident…

Yea JPL was fun because you could drive the robot without worrying about competion or practicing. and it was cool with other robots there.

I never knew you guys could handle 4 at once. What motor(s) powers your arm?

The JPL open house really was a lot of fun. On the open playing field we were able to make several very high speed runs and practice lots of shifting. Also, we discovered we could hold two tetras at once, something we never thought possible before.

Yeah, we have a vandoor motor powering a hand-made spool we made out of a block of wood that pulls a cable through pulleys to lift our arm. The two people driving the robot were actually two freshmen girls on our team that wanted to drive really badly, so I let them. They did actually do pretty well for not having any driving experience.
We had lifted 4 tetras to see how much we could pick up and drive around with. We had never lifted more than 2 tetras anytime during a match because we were unstable and also had taken too much time. Our arm is capable of lifting one of the goals, which we had done at the Chatsworth Pre-Ship Scrimmage. Hope to see you guys at San Diego this weekend.

ya, that was tight?
for those who went to san diego, how was it?
was there yummy competition?
anyone special there? :eek:

I was there, am I special? Anyway, the finals were very exciting.