pic: our robot parking almost finished sunday 02/17/2008

hey if any body like our robot please post a comet with you team number and your name


Leav here from Israel’s ThunderBolts [2630].

I Really like how your robot is not the conventional “box” design…

Some more information about it would really be nice.

For example those 24" pistons look very suited for the job. how fast do they open the scissor lift? seems to me they also help keep the system rigid (most scissor lifts I have seen are pretty wobbly), is this true?

do you use two drive wheels and two “crazy wheels”? is there one crazy wheel up front and one back or just two front? (or maybe just one in the front :slight_smile: )

how do you pick up the ball? (do you?)

good luck with your robot. seems like a very reliable design to me!


Hey Panteras the 'bot looks awesome this year!!
Hopefully we’ll see you in Atlanta later in the season…
Good Luck from HOT (and of course we still remember you!)

Well I have a feeling it wont tip. I like the scissor design. Looks like it could be kinda dangerous. Best of luck at your comps.

in fact we change the desing a litle bit now the pistons are in the lower part of the sicor , we do lift the ball with some horns we designed on monday night (like 1100) and our pneumatics system is very quik we rise the sicor with 25 psi and in 10 seconds.