pic: Our Robot (rendered)


Well, here’s the rendered inventor assembly of Our robot. Pictures of the real thing soon to follow.

Ahh!! how dare you put something on here that so profane that you have to censor it. What is your robot doing? Is it giving the #1 sign but with a different finger? Or does it have some sort of exposed body (or machine) part on it? :wink: HHHHMMMMMM???

Just kidding. great job with Inventor. cant wait to see what mechanism lies beneath :wink:

I’m curious, how did you create the red belt? Is that just one huge solid part, or did you make it adaptive some how?

All around, looks great, cant wait to see what’s so special!

Good job guys, red belt is a nice touch.

It looks like solidworks to me…but I could always be wrong

It was all AutoDesk Inventor 10, using Inventor Studio to render the picture.

I really have no idea how the red belt was made, but I do know that it doesn’t move on the pulleys.

And I promise that there is nothing profane on our robot, unless profane means totally awsome! :smiley:

Mike C.

i dont know about inventor but in autocad when i am modeling stuff i make belts by making a big block then slicing, merging, and subtracting cylinders

What’s with the censoring? This seems to defeat the purpose of posting the picture in the first place. Well, no big difference either way, I’ll see the actual thing at some point :wink:

its probably som kind of aimable turret… you can kind of see a bit of a roller past the censoring sign.
I am interested to see how this thing works!

Well that roller is for the ball mover. The red belt is also visible on the rollers.