pic: Our Robot's Chassis

just a taste of our robot before the competition :wink:

good idea

carefull that you dont have heat issues though.

Pstt, you guys are a bit late!

Looks nice though, how did it work? Can you post a pic of the full robot?

letsjust say our club memebers were too lazy to post any pictures until now for somereason.
Well, our robot worked quite well but unfortunally we didn’t get it done on time. We had our arms to rebuild beacuse it was bending when a tera was grabbed or picked up ,also two of our arm supporters snaped in half while in the process of picking up a tera.

heres few more pictures of our robot:D
Front View

We used a lead screw also and our works awsome. We can lift over 11 ft in under 4 seconds. DO you have a better picture of your arm and how it broke?