pic: Our spine


So that’s what you guys were up to! Very clever! What are you using to drive your spine and how easy is it to contol? I would expect it to bounce around quite a bit, especially with a tube on the end.

What is that, and what the heck is it’s purpose?

To control it were using two motors and a pully system, to keep it from bouncing around we have tensioners at the end, ill be posting the finished product soon.

It’s their manipulator…

If I’m guessing right, you have 4 cables attached to the end, and by applying/releasing tension in the opposing cables you can theoretically move the “spine” anywhere like a turret and bend like a joing with simplicity. Amazing, this should win an award if it’s functionality is good.

Love the bot guys.

Impressive-- will it have some sort of manipulator on the end?

Yes there will be an active manipulator on the end.

I’m scared, it looks like a scorpion… does it bite??? :smiley:

Very neat, but does that exceed the 72" limit?

Its close but still within the 72’’ limit

I honestly can say uh… I don’t get it. lol :o
I’ll have to see this bad boy in person.
What regionals are you headed to?
Atlanta as well?

Were going to the Florida regional and Atlanta. Ill have video of it posted soon though.

So you guys are going for the gusto by adding the manipulator to the arm since I talked to you on Friday. That is awesome.

I cannot wait to see the video.:smiley:

That is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen so far in first. APPLAUSE for this inventor!
I have got to make one of these, it looks like a blast!
If I were you I’d wrap that thing with a cylinder of thin plastic sheet, to keep the cables from getting caught on stuff and pulled around. Now I’m excited to see this at UCF. Good job guys!

wow, what an awesome idea…post video soon!

Very Innovative… It will be interesting to see how it functions! :yikes:

Can you tell what that material is you used for the spine’s core?

What regionals are you guys going to?

I usually don’t ask two questions in a row?


We do cover it so the cables dont get tangle up with anything, its made out of a fiberglass antenna for a boat, its very strong and flexable, and were going to the florida regional.

Thats awsome

Do you have a video of it yet?

Think of it like when you reel a fishing pole in too far, and it bends over because of the pressure.

except you can control the direction it bends, so you can pick up in the front, the back, or any where in between just by changing the tension on the 4 cables.

Is it safe to assume that you guys have some clever control, or are you manually controlling the tension on the cables?