pic: Our team captain is a Jedi Knight

Our team captain playing with Programming Team’s emergency lightsaber. No Photoshop was used- bonus points for the legitimate use for this.

Cristening your robot at the naming ceremony
Knighting the rookies
Keeping the programming room some what lit

im going to go with stress relief and enjoyment

Suggested tube shape signaling system?

Hmmm, scaring freshmen?

Retroreflective lightsaber.

that would be neon underglow

Basicxman got it- it’s some nylon stock with retroreflective tape electrical taped to it. Mechanical wasn’t too pleased we took their spacer stock, so we had to appease them. We use it to check that the LEDs around our robot’s camera cover the entire camera area correctly, as they are semi-directional. The live feed to the driver station is awesome, to say the least.

Why I would never try to scare any Freshman. Now Juniors on the other hand, well they might be missing a hand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah! It is the tape for the pegs wrapped around a tube with flash on the camera! Not bad!

Actually…that’s how they did the original lightsaber effects for Star Wars.