pic: Our team mascot, Steelface. (He's a beaver, not a cat)

After years of resizing and screen-capturing to design things with our logo/team mascot on them, we eventually reduced it to a measly 300x300 pixels, and since the original was deleted off of our server, I decided to redo him. this is a downscaled version, I have a vector version and a 60inchx60inch raster source as well.

Having a vector copy of your logo will prove absolutely invaluable to you. Vendors absolutely love vector stuff for producing promotions, and you can use it for whatever you want since it is completely scalable.

Kudos to you for taking the effort to do it :slight_smile:

I always knew it was some kind of rodent… know I know for sure. Thanks! :]

Ohhhhhhh… Now I see… Its a beaver! :smiley:

haha awsome!

Where Beaver? I see no Beaver! :wink:

Just a friendly reminder to everyone on how saving your files in multiple locations is good practice… For I only had this particular 2+ hours of work saved to my jump drive, and while I had loaned it to a friend for a day, it was deleted. Along with several inventor files, and a whole bunch of programs.

Oh well. This time I will improve upon the design.