pic: Our team's claw

Our method of grabbing cubes this season, we present to you, THE CLAW!

Looks like https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2600.html but a lot cooler. Well done!

How much does that thing weigh?

All of it.

At least some of it…

I’m guessing 25 lbs?

What led you guys to go with “The Claw” design? The machining certainly looks cool!

15 pounds according to Inventor

We decided that we wanted to go with a claw for our intake system at the start of the season. I had no idea how to make a claw so I based it off the VEX Claw and the ToughBox Mini.

This thing is beautiful and horrifying at the same time. I would not like to have it snap shut on my leg. Well done.

Replacing your pivots/shafts with (at minimum) aluminum bolts should drop a pound or so off the weight. I would be tempted to go with Nylon bolts for all except the 4 closest pivots (orientating off the photo) and aluminum on the furthest 4. Of course make the decision based off of your intuition & resources.
Just my $0.02

How much have you tested it on the cubes?

Looks like it could do some damage.

Jaws of life as inspiration?
Is a worm gear driving that?

looks so lovely but looks like a torture device and i dig it

If you have been able to get some driver testing on this so far, how is the driver liking it?

Stephen wasn’t kidding…

*lightening trusses for comedic effect.

I’m digging the thread gauge on the end.

It looks like there’s a hole for a 775pro motor on the left hand side to power the claw, but for the life of me I can’t figure out where the gear reductions are going or how power is being transmitted from the motor to the claw. Care to explain?

We were originally going to power it with a 775 but we just went with a CIM motor after seeing how massive it was. There’s a 12 tooth driver gear driving it all.