pic: Our Techno-Toilet

Dare I ask what the speakers are for?

I would guess for playing techno, since it is the “Techno-Toilet” …

where’s the tp ? lol great idea

i have the same speakers…

What is the project for?

this is funny crazy…so the purpose was to?? and who came up with this idea???

have fun w/ it guys!!

Hahaha that is AWESOME. Who came up with that? We need one of those at our FIRST base, you know “FIRST-on-the-go”… :stuck_out_tongue:

“Go”… pun intended?

I think the speakers should play toilet music like elevators play elevator music… or not. lol n whats the radio for?

ROFL! Just what I needed to see after a long week of work!

I am assuming you are able to drive it? Could be a nice demo item. :eek:

I can just imagine people’s faces if we were to take that out during a demo… or just run it around the courtyard at school. Best FIRST conversation starter -ever!

A. That toilet does not look very inviting with spiky hot christmas lights on it.
B. Were is the plumbing?
C. Any possibility of a mail order business? (who doesn’t want their own techno-toilet :rolleyes: )

wow, so many emotions… amazing job guys! BTW, what inspired you to do this?

GO 1403!!!

i just would keep with tech no, i places little speakers in my bath room and my dad went in there with a paper (thats when you know #2) and i remotely activated these and he cam out screaming. He came out screaming because we just watched this show where monsters came out of the toilet… it was VERY funny, i was grounded for 2 months. (oh and no he did not come out of the bathroom with his pants off…they where on.)

Thats so awesomely cool!!!
It look slike something I would end up buying… :ahh:

Edit: - Ha… speaking of techno its my 45th post :smiley:

for quickness it could play the “brown frequency” (if you don’t know, don’t ask! … use your imagination:P )

That is one of the best robot applications I have seen.I mean who doesn’t need one of those toilets. Very inventive and different love it nice job u guys. :]

I am glad everybody likes it! We do play techno with the speakers, and we can drive it. This isn’t actually for a class, we are doing it for our school’s “activity day”. We hope our peers will be amused :slight_smile: I’ll probably be posting some more pictures at different angles soon - so keep a look out. :stuck_out_tongue:

omg that is ssooooo incredibly hott! have u tried using it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Judging from the mobile nature of the toilet, I’d imagine that idea went down the drain pretty fast. :stuck_out_tongue: