pic: Out of Service after Summer Frenzy.

Yes as many of you know that were at Summer Frenzy we had many problems. Our robot almost never breaks. I would have to say this was the most amount of problems I have ever seen/fixed on our robot during a competition.

Just to list some of our problems at SF:
popped 4WD chain
popped winch chain
snapped 3/16 extend/retract cables atleast 5 times due to bent arm
bent and twisted arm
teeth missing from both 12 tooth winch gears
cracked drill motor transmission
window motor broken internal spring
cracked 2WD/4WD conversion bar
limit switch wire broken

It is very rare that we have 2 minor problems at a competition…
We have not even had to replace a motor or gearbox up until this point.
Our machine already has 8 competitions under its belt and another 3 to go.

If your wondering our robot will be as good as new for the other 3 competitions!

Sorry to hear that you guys had a lot of problems… reminds me of our team…

This year we had work on the robot a lot during competitions… some example…

  1. Thursday (practice day) evening 6 o’clock at UCF (Central Florida Regional), we go to inspection area to weigh our robot. the robot was 138.6 lbs. so you guys would realize the stress at that time.

  2. drive train problem at UCF… the robot wouldnt turn because of traction…

  3. key fell of from one of the gears in the transmission which required taking apart the transmission and putting it back together.

  4. the arm had to look like a swiss cheese because of over weight.

  5. Midwest Regional: key fell of again, lost the atwood gear.

  6. switched to chain and sprockets from pulley and belts.

  7. globe motor burned out.

  8. nationals: New bumper being made at the competition.

  9. the hex piece on the transmission shaft was welded which broke off…

  10. the arm which was welded broke off at one match.

  11. burned two globe motors (thanks SPAM).

  12. lost the key way for one of the gear in the transmission again.

  13. lost sprocket key ways in matches.

  14. broke off chains (it was number 25 chains and we switched to 30 later on).

It was stressful and exciting to see that robot working after going through a lot of trouble… including myself there were several people on the team… who worked in the pit for 3 days straight to keep that bot running. it was fun time… I like my team about how we always work together when it comes to really hard times like this… Team 27 (RUSH) also gave us “never say die” award at nationals… the past season was awesome… looking forward to a great one… :slight_smile:

We aren’t normally used to that… haven’t been in a long time thank god. But our last 2 matches we played (and lost :frowning: ) we could only drive, no arm motion whatsoever. If it did move, it didn’t do anything, the last match it was completely frozen.
Its ok though, still did good, and have continued in the training of our newb. :smiley:

You guys played amazing in the Finals anyway. You are true scrappers.

Daisy also got beat up pretty bad in the qualifying rounds and we had to make repairs all day long. We couldn’t even hang the last match of the finals because of several hits that we took.
There were some brutal (but Fun) matches at the Summer Frenzy, especially for a small competition.

Well we pounded each other in the Finals at both PARC and Summer Frenzy. Hopefully, we can team up for once at DoD, NBE or Ramp Riot.

See you at the comps!!

how could that happen to such a good robot like 222. Well very robot needs to be fix once and a while or just replace motors and such.

What i saw happen was since 222 dominated most of their matches the easiest (and most obvious) strategy to use against them was hack-a-222 (much alike hack-a-shaq), so they got rammed and pushed in almost every match. That’s what we did in the finals, and I’m amazed their robot held up for so long. One durn good gearbox they got right there :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what happens when you put a newb on the sticks :yikes: haha…not really and just kidding rabbit you’re making lots of progress. I hafta take my hats off to 84 and 341 for their victory because we didn’t take it easy on them either in the last match. I was going nuts all day long fixing cables and such, but it’s all worth it in the end! can’t wait to see the rest of the Mid-Atlantic teams at DOD, Ramp Riot, and Brunswick Eruption!


All I have to say is OUCH! haha You guys are going to end up using it a bunch of times, hopefully you guys can win the rest of your comps! :]


I can understand the beating that robot has taken…it has the power to dominate matches…the only way for our bot to stop it at PARC was to push and ram…good bot…sorry it broke though…


Eh its nothing that cannot be fixed in a few days work. We already tore all the broken parts off. Now we just need to put it back together and machine new winch gears. Like Cliff said it musta been the newbie training…

The robot didnt break during my 4 1/2 competitions this year… :slight_smile:
It seems that we always get second place…

Our only victories were mini regionals and under my driving! :wink: :smiley:

2 second place finishes in 2003 and 2 second place finishes this year, all 4 at FIRST competitions

Yeah, we seem to have a big target on our backs.
We’re used to it though, for the most part. But the problem was probablly a chain reaction with something in the arm. 1 little thing gone bad that busted EVERYTHING else. By the finally match totally imobile no motion except a useless hook and gripper. As Brad said, it is apart and almost back together. One more day of work I would guestimate, so yes, we will be up and running for the rest of the mini regional line up :slight_smile:

And, Brad… I was driving the minis we won :smiley:

Ah comon’ guys, that hurts. Don’t pick on the rook. J/K Hey how much damage did I really do? huh huh huh? I was much more careful this time Cliff. Like I said, I Rabbit, promise not to bend the arm, grippers, hook, or, or anything else for the rest of the season. Oh yeah and not to flip anymore. :smiley: It’s all “GOLDEN” See ya 84 and 341 at the other comps.

don’t worry you will have your time to make fun of the rooks.