pic: Outback Manufacturing Drive train


Beastly Drive train from Outback Manufacturing really helped us out this year playing defense. It will only get better next year :slight_smile:

Hmm… looks awesome, but for some reason I think it resembles ours?

What did you think of them? and how much did they cost?

is that what you guys used this year because it seemed to have done you guys a lot of good =

Is there any additional reduction between AM shifter and planetary? If so, what is it, and is there a picture?

Look at my sig…Thats how you can get all the needed info regarding tracks, Sam, from Outback Manufacturing will help you out

we bought the 2 speed transitions, but took out the fast speed as we found it a bit uncontrollable for out robot this year, it also saved us a needed 2 pounds. so no shifter.
next year they will be better :slight_smile: