pic: Over the Hump

This is just a side view of Team 714’s robot as it drives over the bump… just a little look into how it climbs and how our shape and angles comfortably approach and pass the bump.

It looks like that middle wheel “floats”. If I’m right, very very nice.

In a way yes it actually does. We have it set so we can push them down but it’ll freely move up when we disengage the pneumatic system.

How are you going to legally attach the bumpers?

Bubble Gum =]

It looks like only the middle wheel raises up and down. So, I’d imagine they’d be attached in a fashion similar to that of a 4-wheeled (or any other) robot.

I was more pointing towards the front and the back.

I was wondering if all four bumpers were supported by the frame along their entire length, as required by <R07M>:

“M. The entire length of the BUMPER backing must be supported by the structure/frame of the
ROBOT (i.e. the backing material must not be in “free space” between or beyond
attachment points) (see Figure 8 – 3).”

It looks, by the picture, that your robot is missing a couple components, though, so I’m guessing that you either have a solution to this or I’m just not looking at the robot right. The robot looks nice! We’ve used aluminum plate for a frame (we just don’t have the resources), but I’ve always admired how they look!