pic: Over-Tube-Gearbox (Yet Another Neo Transmission)

CAD Experiment to cut down weight and geometry of a 2-Speed Ball-shifting Neo transmission. 5.00:1 High, 11.36:1 Low. Fits on a 2x1.5 aluminum box tube.

Would you use this with a 5mm or 3mm belt?

Originally I went with 5mm belt. I think the next iteration is going to replace the pulleys with pocketed gears to cut down further on interior frame intrusion. To do that, I think you have to commit to moving the encoder somewhere else on the drive rail.

Why shift at all with the power that NEOs should provide? The general torque/speed curves of a brushless motor pretty much make shifting pointless. Also, I feel like playing defense in 2018-2019 is just kinda a meme, nice gearbox tho

yea ok

To be fair, I don’t think shifting actually helped you play defense that match. It looked like the majority was keeping yourself perpendicular to offense, or getting between them and a goal.

To OP: looks like a pretty solid design. I don’t like how wide it is, but unless you use a Ballshifter encoder setup I could see how it might be difficult to get the shifter down low to slim it.

It definitely didn’t help because we couldn’t shift :P, I was just picking apart the line that defense is just a meme is all.

OP: awesome design

Sweet design. I was thinking of this kind of clamping on a 2x1 design for a while; before the NEO came out. I’m curious though, have you accounted for the tolerances that 2x1s often have? On McMaster the 2" and 1" tolerance is +/- 0.085"

On paper the tolerances are large, but in practice I’ve found 2x1s to all be within .004" or so. Just oversizing your clamping component by that much is enough to make it work.