pic: Overdrive's new drivers station

We updated our drivers station for Atlanta to make carrying our controllers and electronics more safe, organized, and pretty.

If you have not seen a Pelican case before they are awesome (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgEefnTeOGU).

Tyler, you are too good at not being a rookie. :cool:

Not only does it keep things nice and neat but you can drop them and nothing will happen to it’s contents. I love the durability of the case but don’t have a use for it myself. If I had I’d def. buy one =(.

A possible scenario:

Where’s the football!! I need the launch codes!

Really nice idea btw.


yea don’t show that around the president he might get confused and set the wrong thing off =P [wrong thing being the robot]

I second that… How do you like driving with a Gamepad rather that Joysticks? Seeing this makes me want to try a driving with one…

Searches internet to see if one can be delivered before The Championship…

Its just more natural for me. We had game pads in FTC, and I use game pads in video games. There also a lot easier to get around and I like them, but there probably not as sensitive as joysticks.

Radio Shack or Wal-mart have the ones you seen in the case for like $16.99.

Tyler are u forcing me to make a new Driver Station. Dang it, back to the drawing board:ahh:

Looks good, we do something similar with those same gamepads. If you find the right tool, the DeWALT kitboxes fit the joysticks perfectly :slight_smile:

Greg, that is the coolest looking box i’ve ever seen in my life. :ahh:

We use one of the silver metal cases to carry around “Internet” with us just incase any teams at competitions need it. Its clearly labeled “The Internets” :stuck_out_tongue: